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«I am drawn to the edge, that which exists between the known and the unknown, between presence and absence, between material and immaterial. I am after a certain something that is seldom revealed. When we catch a glimpse of it, we are reminded that there is something beyond appearances and beyond words. I embrace qualities of sobriety and silence.

In my painting and drawing, I prefer the simple, the humble which opens on to infinity. I use a lot the white surface. White has a double aspect: it is the sum of all colours but it is also the colour of light seen in its essence, without the fakeness of colours. White is above all light, quietness and peace.

In this vocabulary, I am seeking any light or transparency that helps the viewer to look beyond and become immersed in a quiet and dematerialised field of vision, completely conscious of the viewing process.

This Engadine exhibition is the result of numerous backcountry ski tours that I took during the winter 2014.

The Engadine mountains convey the impression of absolute permanence, of mineral eternity. This lanscape is not hostile. It is simply there, untouched, complete in the essential silence.»

Fabienne Clauss


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